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Arrogance (from March 2008)

Posted by Jeff on July 22, 2008

Ever had someone call you arrogant when you didn’t agree with them? I have. In most cases(at least in my experience) it involves discussions of religion. When this happens, I can’t even get angry. I’d LIKE to get angry. I mean, that’s the expected response when someone makes an ad hominem attack against you, right?

But for me, this is about as ire-inspiring as being rediculed for having too much body hair by a sasquatch. I shall explain for those of you who may have been guilty of this litle transgression at some point and can’t for the life of you figure out what I’m going on about.
An open letter the whatever evangelical douchebag I spoke to last:
I’ve come to terms with my arrogance. I’m arrogant because I prefer to base my world view on what we know from science.
My “arrogance” stems from my acceptance of the fact that the entire human race occupies a miniscule, pale blue dot against the landscape of the universe. A universe which not only wasn’t designed specifically for us, but which also doesn’t give a flying shit one way or another that we are even here.
My “arrogance” stems from my acceptance of the fact that the planet we live on doesn’t care about us, and wasn’t designed specifically FOR us. That human beings evolved to survive in an environment otherwise hostile to us, just like EVERY OTHER ANIMAL.
My “arrogance” stems from my acceptance of the fact that evolution by natural selection happened. That we are not intrinsically better than any other living creature apart from our intellect and ability to reason (sometimes).
But most of all, my “arrogance” stems from the fact that I cannot accept the antiquated ramblings of an immoral bronze age holy book as the single guiding “truth” in my existance. The fact that I cannot just believe that all of existence was put together for my benefit. That the planet earth was created to sustain ME. That there is an all-powerful man in the sky who takes a personal interest in MY life and achievements.
But then, at least YOU aren’t arrogant. You, who believe that out of all the belief systems in all the world (past and present), yours is the ONLY TRUE ONE. You who humbly proclaim that all who don’t share your views will suffer eternity in hell becuase you have the one truth. You who, mild and meek, loudly protest the teaching of actual knowledge because it doesn’t comply with your holy book. You who claim that the only way a person can be moral is through faith in your dogma.
Thank you for pointing out my flaws.



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