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Why are conspiracy nuts so unrelenting?

Posted by Jeff on July 23, 2008

OK, so I work as a tutor at my current school (I don’t leave for Stanford until after the new moon when I sacrifice a virgin altarboy to Quetzelcoatle), and there is this guy there that comes into the tutoring center every day. He’s a nice enough guy, and I help him with basic chemistry. The only problem is, he sees EVERY topic of conversation as an opening to start railing on about conspiracy theories!

So I’m trying to explain how to do simple conversions to this guy and out of NOWHERE he goes into some diatribe about the Rotheschilds, and how they own everything and control all the media. 9/11 was an inside job and the CIA used thermite to collapse the building! The Oklahoma City FREAKING bombing was apparently done by the FBI!!!! This guy has nothing to back up his claims besides the repeated chanting of his little mantra of blind acceptance. “The whole WORLD knows this stuff!!!!” (Imagine being intently stared at with a look of desperation and awe)

It’s gotten to the point that every time this guy starts talking the entire room just groans and gets as far away as possible. But that doesn’t stop him…

So what is it that motivates these people? I’ve blogged on ‘troofers’ before and one thing I just can’t understand is WHY? Not why do they believe it, but why do they feel the need to convince EVERYONE that their crazy ideas are true? These people are one-trick ponies. Every conversation turns to conspiracies. Even discussing a recipe for banana’s foster will become some ill-informed lecture about how ‘jet fuel can’t melt steel!!’

I wish I could legally stab people…


4 Responses to “Why are conspiracy nuts so unrelenting?”

  1. Fozziebare said

    Wait. What the hell? You mean it’s illegal to stab people? Since when??

  2. detroitus said

    Well, ever since that incident in the orphanage it’s discouraged.

  3. The Nerd said

    I have to wonder what they’re compensating for. Is this guy a virgin, by any chance? 😉

  4. detroitus said

    It’s very possible. Although the thought of him focussing pent up sexual energy on ME is a bit disturbing…

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