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Posted by Jeff on July 27, 2008

I just came across this post on one of my new favorite blogs. Prof Orzel makes some pretty good point here, and honestly I’ve asked some of these questions myself.

Why is it that to be considered intellectual you have to be able to wax eloquent on art, history, philosophy, and politics but are never expected to have any knowledge of more quantitative fields like math and science? In fact, in many of these intellectual social settings I’ve been in, it’s considered a point of pride to have little to no mathematical ability and I’m privileged to hear people bragging about how they had to suffer through some intro to astronomy or physics for non-science majors class in college.

People always wonder why scientists and mathematicians tend to be less socially adept? Well, I think that it’s because there is a sort of social stigma against these pursuits imposed from a very early age.


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