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Life, death, inspiration

Posted by Jeff on July 27, 2008

I had never heard of Randy Pausch until two days ago when I heard of his death. I was bored last night at work and watched his “Last Lecture” video. Quite frankly, it was an hour and 16 minuted well spent.

Basically, the message of his speech is if you live right, you will accomplish your dreams in one way or another. Obstacles in our way can be the best thing to happen to us. I think the greatest lesson I learned from this lecture is that death really isn’t all that tragic when you have a life worth talkking about. This man, knowing full well that he is about to die, stands in front of hundreds of people and, with a smile and humorous manner, discusses his life, death, and dreams. It says a lot when a discussion of your own impending death can be light-hearted, fun, and prodound.

In a word, I was impressed by this man. I think the world was a little bit better from having him in it and I hope to someday be able to make a similar contribution of my own.


One Response to “Life, death, inspiration”

  1. Brad said

    LMAO! I just experienced a death bed conversion; I bought a Macintosh! HA!!!

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