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I just became 10% more nerdy by volume…

Posted by Jeff on August 4, 2008

As a result of watching this video…

I found this on Blog Around the Clock via Decrepit Old Fool. THANKS!!


3 Responses to “I just became 10% more nerdy by volume…”

  1. Bug Girl said

    Did you know she’s a student from MSU?
    I thought with the name Detroitus, you might be interested in that.

  2. detroitus said

    I did not know that. You know, oddly enough, despite the name Detroitus, I’ve never ever even set foot in Detroit. The name actually stems more from a type-o that stuck than the US city…

    I have heard great things about MSU though. I wonder if she’s like a total rock star now after this video??

  3. Bug Girl said

    A lot of the detectors for Hadron were built by the MSU high energy physics group.
    I think the student is still in Germany, actually.

    Do you mean a typo like this one:

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