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The Grand Canyon

Posted by Jeff on August 26, 2008

Was simply amazing. I’ve seen pictures of the Grand Canyon all my life but nothing could prepare me for the experience of standing there in person. I’ll be eventually posting about my entire trip with pictures but for now, check out what I got with my camera phone…

 That part right at the bottom of the photo where it cuts off is where my feet are. No guard rails and it’s a sheer drop!


This guardrail only comes up to my knees… 


3 Responses to “The Grand Canyon”

  1. Brad said

    Dude … you took a camera phone to document your eipc cross country adventure? This saddens me deeply. You could have asked … I would have mailed you one of my nicer digital cameras!!

  2. detroitus said

    I had my regular camera too, but I packed the cable. So I can’t get to the pics till I unpack all my things.

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