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I’m still here

Posted by Jeff on September 9, 2008

Let me just go on record here as being a complete lazy bastard recently. As far as keeping up the blog goes anyway… I’ve been living in California for just over a week and it’s absolutely great! Only I’m restless as hell because classes don’t start for another 2 weeks.

I guess that the problem with my blog-writing motivation is that I’m having trouble motivating on anything right now. I need school to begin again, I need that routine. Things will be more productive soon.

But without further ado, here are some pictures of my trip for those who might be interested…



This is me in Florida with my parents and my grandmother. I don’t feel that I need to explain who is who here…






My niece standing in front of her house in Houston. I used to help her practice her ABCs and now she has this awesome huge house. It’s not fair!!!







Somewhere in New Mexico…







My sister is building a house. Literally on the top of a mountain in Colorado. This is her yard.






Two things come to mind here. 1) The Grand Canyon is freakin awesome! and 2) I am officially on a diet…






My parents were a little freaked out by the sheer drop and insignificant guardrails.






Golden Gate Bridge obviously…






Can’t go to San Francisco withough seeing Alcatraz!








Obviously I didn’t take this picture, but I promise the Stanford campus really does look like this. And THEN some!





Now that I’m here, I’ve been really enjoying exploring the campus and the surrounding area. This place is more beautiful than any place I’ve ever lived and the weather (despite being unseaeonably warm) is really nice. I’ll try to take some actual pictures of the campus sometime soon, but I’m not making any promises…


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