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The stupid… It hurts.

Posted by Jeff on October 25, 2008

Amazing. It’s simply amazing that someone can be so completely uninformed and ignorant. Even more amazing that this person is in position to assume one of the most important roles in the wordl… Behold:


That video is worth watching. It’s short. But what galls me more than anything else is the smug look on her face when she’s mocking scientific research as having ‘nothing to do with the public good.’ Seriously, she’s like that ignorant redneck in my family who told me that going to college is for lazy people who don’t want to do real work. Only this particular redneck could possible become president of the United States!

People, do NOT allow this vacuous bitch to assume any more power than she already has. If you think the economy and the state of our nation is bad now, just wait until this grade-school minded, ignorance-worshipping tool gets to the white house…


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