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I’ve got good news and bad news…

Posted by Jeff on November 5, 2008

The thing is, I’m absolutely thrilled that Obama won the election. That’s great! I don’t know if I could have handled four more years of Republican fascism at this point.

Today’s vistory came with a shot of sobering reality, however. While hope and change is on the horizon for the nation as a whole, the apparently great state of California seems to be backsliding into a Bronze-Aged notion of civil rights. Yes, folks, Proposition 8 appears to be passing. While ALL the votes have yet to be counted, at this point it’s not looking good.

I don’t know if words can describe how disappointed in what is ‘supposed’ to be one of the most liberal and civil rights conscious states in the country. I also still don’t understand why such a discriminatory and blatant affront to equal rights is or even should be on the ballot. This issue deserves to be voted on as much as the idea of sending African American students to special schools so as to ‘protect the sanctity of being white’.

Frankly, just as with racism, there is nothing to motivate such views or actions other than fear and hatred. While I’m right now very happy that our nation will have a chance to recover itself under a decent leader, I’ve lost so much of the little faith I had in the citizenry of our land. Take heed Californians. If you voted yes on 8, you need to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘why’. All your talk of religion and the sanctity of marriage and protecting children isn’t worth the breath it takes to spew it from your duplicitous mouths.

I’m angry about this and I will be for quite a while. If you are breathing a sigh of relief right now because you were successful is reinforcing the idea that those not like yourself are second-class citizens, then I have only one thing to say to you. Go step in front of a fucking truck, you self-centered, ignorant, deluded, bigot! This isn’t about politics, it’s about human rights. But I suppose such things as equality only apply to those who are like you, right?


One Response to “I’ve got good news and bad news…”

  1. Kay said

    I am so with you on this.

    Happy… and yet oh so very bitterly hurt at the same time.

    I keep telling myself, ‘baby steps” and the fact that the vote was close IS a good thing… but damn this is hard to take.

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