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Afternoon delight

Posted by Jeff on December 4, 2008

Today presented me with an odd opportunity. I actually had nothing pressing to do so was able to come home for a nice, mid-day break! Oh, what a glorious day it is turning out to be! There’s no damned way I’m going to start studying for exams before tomorrow, so the world is my oyster! Relaxation, naps, internets; oh, the things I could do with a 4 hour block of afternoon free time…

Turns out that today is the day Campus Housing decided to start doing major renovations to the landscaping of my community, however. So I get home and there are bulldozers and backhoes all up in my backyard just tearing shit apart like a 2-year-old on a temper tantrum. Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate on internet porn when there are walls literally crashing down just outside your window?

Oh well, I take comfort in the thought that all this weekend and next week – while I’m cramming my arse off trying to learn all of the math and physics knowledge that I just sort of shited off during the quarter in favor of watching the new Doctor Who or BSG episodes – the construction will be not only ongoing, but at its peak! Yessir! Two whole weeks worth of noisy, invasive construction and centered right on finals. I’ve never been so happy.


One Response to “Afternoon delight”

  1. Kay said

    The university loves you…. this is just one of the many ways they show you.

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