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The twilight of life…

Posted by Jeff on December 15, 2008

I was sitting in the waiting room at the local VA Clinic today waiting for my appointment when I glanced up at the television and what else was on but Fox News. Not having much better to do I actually watched the pundits pundizing about Gov Blagoyehakhfch from IL and how his corruption casts doubts on Obama’s administration and other such nonsense. Then there was a commercial break. It is nice to know that Fox knows it’s demographic. During the break I watched a commercial for life insurance, one for medication to prevent heart attacks, and one for the AARP. Then I realized why I (along with most people I know) have never been able to relate to the reporting on that channel. It’s marketed toward senior citizens who are crotchety and bitter toward the younger generation.

Next time you listen to a Fox pundit, try to imagine that same person screaming at some damn kids to stay off his lawn or threatening to keep the baseball that went over their fence. It’s a remarkable similarity! So I suppose Bill O’Reilly isn’t really angry and delusional all the time. He just wants us all to stay off his lawn and quit making noise while he’s trying to watch Matlock.

*This pointless rant was brought to you by Fox News, ltd.


One Response to “The twilight of life…”

  1. Kay said

    And that is why I won’t watch Fox Schmooze

    They have TVs in the common area near the café’ at my office… and there was a vote to see which of the news stations would be run constantly…. MSNBC beat out Fox by only 6 votes.

    Sad, so very very sad.

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