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Everyone’s a victim these days…

Posted by Jeff on December 17, 2008

I’ve never had a particular grudge against Mormons. In fact, as far as adherents to crazy religions go, they have always been my favorite. Generally they are respectful of beliefs that are not their own and they tend to be all around nice people. The Mormon church, on the other hand, can do some really douchebag things. The whole Prop 8 thing for instance. Many people are confused over the apparent backlash against the Mormon church following the passing of Prop 8. What’s to be confused over? People are pissed off and rightly so! It turns out that the Mormon church is responsible for funding more that half of the $40 million campaign that pushed 8 forward. Funny thing is, Mormons only make up a very small percentage of the California population. How did this happen? A nationwide call to arms for Mormons everywhere to contribute to the oppression of a minority in a state where they don’t even live!

After that the church wants to play the victim card because they’re being protested? Really?? This article by ex-Mormon Bruce Bastion sums it up nicely…

There have been nationwide protests, but nearly everyone has been peaceful. In any case, how do a few isolated incidents of spray paint equate with losing a constitutional right to equality given under the law? How does one incident of white powder in one church building — a horrible act everyone condemns — suddenly turn gay Americans into terrorists? It does if your singular goal is to block equality for one group of Americans…

…Finally, I believe many are missing the fundamental rub here: the Prop 8 campaign was based on fears and lies. Fears that homosexuality would become elementary school fodder, and lies that churches would be taxed, and priests or ministers refusing to marry gay or lesbian couples would be arrested.
They knew, and certainly the LDS Church knew, that what was taken away in California was the right to a civil, legal marriage. It had nothing whatsoever to do with religions which remained free to either open or close their doors to same-sex ceremonies.

So, yes, people are mad. And that anger is fueled not just by the towering role of the LDS Church, but the fact that a religious institution which promotes truth would, in this case, promote and fund lies. That doesn’t sit well, whether you’re a former Mormon as I am, or simply a gay American who sees one religion intent on taking his legal rights away.



Whether same-sex marriage is against your belief system or not, the simple fact is that as a straight person it’s not your decision to make.You do not have the right to dictate the way other people are allowed to live. The biggest problem with living in our democratic society is that it gives people this false notion that popular vote should be the sole decider of everything. Unfortunately, if this were the case, we’d probably still have segregation in schools and women wouldn’t be allowed to vote. That’s what happens when civil rights issues are put to a popular vote. I would challenge anyone to find a case where simply voting has done away with oppression or segregation. Go ahead, because I’m actually curious about this.

Maybe I’m just a bleeding-heart liberal or whatever, but I’m of the opinion that it’s not within the rights of anyone to take away the rights of their fellow human beings. For example, I feel that religion is a harmful ideal that has poisoned human society for far too long. In fact, I think that the world would be better off without organized religion in any of its forms (I mention this to prove a point, please don’t start some asinine debate over THIS topic). That does not, however, mean that I think that religious people should not have the right to go to church. Hell, I even think that they should have the right to evangelize and try to spread their poison to the masses. Just because I believe that the world would be better off without it does not mean that I should have the right to take it away from others.

Think about it for a minute. To some of us, religion is just as offensive as the idea of gay marriage is to the typical godbot. How would they feel if suddenly the tables were turned and they lost their right to have churches? I mean, they can believe whatever they want in the privacy of their homes, but to have churches and places of worship is an affront to decent non-religious folk everywhere! This isn’t even a good analogy since people choose their religions.

I’ll close with a comment directed at the Mormons and whatever other religious group this applies to. You can spread your hate and campaign for the stripping away of the rights of citizens all you want. What you do not get to do, however, is cry persecution whenever the recipients of your little campaigns get pissed off and make their voices heard. You don’t get to play the victim when your own victims come knocking at your door. It just doesn’t work that way.


4 Responses to “Everyone’s a victim these days…”

  1. The two issues are 1. equal protection under the law and 2. tax exempt status of churches.
    The right to love is not an issue. The right to contractual marriage in our faux “free” nation is an issue. I find contractual marriage to be unneccesary for all human beings, men and women, women and women, men and men. BUT if it is to be, then all citizens of our free nation are entitled to participate. Period!
    When churches use tax exempt money to fund campaigns of oppression then their tax exempt status is violated and they become “Walmart”! Period!!

  2. Jeff said

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. Dayna said

    I really don’t think that Mormons are qualified to speak about the sanctity of marriage anyway. You know, since their founder was a polygamist and all.

  4. Jeff said

    Well, I don’t think Christians are all that qualified to talk about the sanctity of marriage in general. Considering that in the times of the bible a marriage was little more than the exchange of property… And if it’s all about ‘sanctity’ then it’s not same-sex marriage they should be trying to ban. It’s divorce!

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