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He only beats me because he loves me….

Posted by Jeff on January 28, 2009

One of my bestest friends just posted a blog entry that I felt the need to share here. I absolutely love his comparison of following a dogma which has shunned you as an abusive relationship. I have to be honest, I’ve often wondered myself why so many people will profess to be Christians despite their own holy book declaring them (for whatever reason) to be an unworthy. If your lifestyle makes you an abomination (be it homosexuality, working on Sundays, or wearing polyester blends) why would you hold to the beliefs that support such views and simply ignore the stuff that is unpleasant to you?

Seems a bit strange to me. But then, here I am criticizing people who are too loose with their religious views while I’m usually bitching about fundamentalists and whining about how people need to be more moderate. Oh well, I suppose no one is perfect.

I guess the main point I’m talking about here is associations. People are judged in part by the company they keep and I can’t see why anyone would want to be associated with a group that pushes intolerance and bigotry. Especially when you are one of the victims of said intolerance. Thoughts?


2 Responses to “He only beats me because he loves me….”

  1. Kay said

    The only thing I can think of in response was a blog my friend Mike wrote a long time ago about being Christian and gay… his basic point was to try to change the system from the inside and not being willing to get rid of the whole thing because of one bad part.

    I should look it up and make sure I am getting it right.

    Although, not sure that is what you are tallking about exactly… just the connection my mind made.

  2. cung cap cua chong muoi…

    […]He only beats me because he loves me…. « Iconoclasts Anonymous[…]…

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