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Posted by Jeff on February 19, 2009

Apparently Ray Comfort has a new book, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can’t Make Him Think. Yeah, I know! I didn’t know he could read or write either! If you are not familiar with this dynamo of logical debates, he’s become well-known for his banana argument for the existence of god and his postulated existence of the Crocoduckas an acceptable proof of evolution. And when he joins forces with Kirk Cameron of bad 80’s sitcom fame it’s like a bonehead super-hero team! This can be seen in their little ‘debate’ with the Rational Response Squad. Yeah. He wrote a book. Apparently this book is highly critical of and condescending toward atheists and science. I think that’s cute. A-freakin-dorable actually.

Amazon has a ‘Look Inside’ option for this book, so I went to a random page for this little gem:

It’s not easy to be an atheist. He has to deny both common reason and logic. But, it seems worth it to some, because they think you then become a moral free agent. However, you can look at the miracle of creation and deny the genius of the Creator, but He still exists… You can call any reference to the bible “circular reasoning,” but that Word will judge you on Judgement Day whether you believe it or not.

I looked at a few pages and it’s the same everywhere. Intellectually bankrupt, self-righteous drivel that does little more than proclaim that God and Jesus are real and that atheists will be sorry. Oh and the bit about becoming an atheist so that one can me a ‘moral free agent’? A quick look into any state prison should remedy that little misconception. You’d think that if all we cared about was not being held accountable by God then more of us would be incarcerated. As moral free agents and all. Hmmm.

Regardless, Comfort hasn’t gotten any better since his days of attempting fellatio with a banana on television.






Ray, the reason why atheists seem so angry to you is not that we are bitter or jaded or any of these things. It’s just that whenever you discuss religion there is this tsunami of verbal defecation spewn out in all directions. Most of us value honest, rational discussions and find it extremely irritating when someone like you – having the intellectual maturity of a petulant 3rd grader – starts throwing out straw-men and accusations at us.


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