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I don’t know what is worse…

Posted by Jeff on March 5, 2009

The fact that people this stupid exist or the fact that so many people agree with them. No wait, I know exactly which is worse! So, remember a little while back when I mentioned Ray Comfort’s new book? I just finished reading this article (found via Pharyngula) and I swear I’m about 10% stupider by volume as a result.

I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that Comfort is an idiot. I’ve even decided to treat him in my mind as the mentally challenged kid who says crazy things that can be either ignored or thought of as cute. You know, like when you see one of these kids playing with a little plastic steering wheel and you say “Oh look honey! Little Mongo thinks he’s driving a car! How key-yute! Blow the horn Mongo, blow the horn…”

The problem is that when I see other people (besides Kirk Cameron of course) swallowing Comfort’s bullshit as though it were perfectly rational and reasonable, it seriously degrades my own opinion of humanity as a whole. Now he’s claiming that an atheist conspiracy is responsible for his book selling poorly on Amazon. Now, I’ve read excerpts from his book (the Amazon ‘look inside’ option is quite handy for that) and I can assure you that it’s doesn’t even deserve the status of theology, let alone scientific reasoning. Yet he claims that his arguments are scientific. By his own words, here is his most powerful argument against evolution:

I simply expose atheistic evolution for the unscientific fairy tale that it is, and I do it with common logic. I ask questions about where the female came from for each species. Every male dog, cat, horse, elephant, giraffe, fish and bird had to have coincidentally evolved with a female alongside it (over billions of years) with fully evolved compatible reproductive parts and a desire to mate, otherwise the species couldn’t keep going. Evolution has no explanation for the female for every species in creation.

This man has the intellectual complexity of a Ritz cracker. Except with no salt and without those little holes. He’s been making the same bad arguments against a ridiculous caricature of what he thinks evolution means for years and no matter how many times his views are corrected he refuses to learn. Here’s an adaptation of Ray Comfort’s style of reasoning/argument:

You: “I am a Wiccan!”

Me: “I see. Well, since my imagined view of your religion means that you wear human skin-suits and howl at the moon while drinking the blood of new-born sea-otters, I can safely infer through logic that you only became a Wiccan because of your unreasonable hatred of Sperm Whales.”

You: “That doesn’t make any sense!”

Me: “Ah-HA! Now you are attacking me because you can’t stand that I’ve exposed the TRUTH of your beliefs to others!!! I’m so persecuted by you! Why are you and your people conspiring against me?!?!”

I think you get the idea. Of course atheists (and reasonable people in general) are going to be irritated by Ray’s latest book! He makes a complete mockery of rational discourse by throwing asinine quips at a ridiculous straw-man lampoon of non-belief.  I would like to challenge all my fellow non-believers to log onto Amazon and give the poor little man’s book 5-star ratings. Just so he can see that the real reason that his book isn’t selling is that it’s a piece of crap written by an intellectually bankrupt hack.

One of my favorite things is that he generalizes throughout his book that the only reason anyone choose disbelief is so that they don’t have to be morally accountable. This view of atheism has always disturbed me. The implication – as far as I can see it – is that the only thing stopping these christians who like to play this card from going on a murder/booze/hookers/rape rampage is the fear of being punished by God. And this ideal of doing the right thing so you don’t get spanked is somehow morally superior to those of us who do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do??? It’s simply staggering…

I’m going to close this post with a quote directly from Comfort’s little booky thingy. Let’s say, oh, page 37:

A Christian is not a “good person.” The reaason for this is that no one can be called a good person when we have no clear definition of the word good.

Well, Ray, at least we agree on something.


If you are interested, there is a lengthy review and breakdown of Comfort’s delusional rhetoric to be found here. Hats off to those folks for actually reading that torture-device of a book and expounding at leangth on it in their Ray-A-Day posts.


2 Responses to “I don’t know what is worse…”

  1. Anthroslug said

    Jeff, why did you have to link to the article, forcing me to have to read it? Oh, my eyes, they burn like hygeine!

  2. Kay said

    Much ❤ for this post.

    Much hate for Comfort.

    Much fear for the world.

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