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Spring Break!!!!

Posted by Jeff on March 19, 2009

Finally! I have a nice long break from school and all the inherent studying, stress, and cold, hard judgement involved with being a full-time student. Huzzah!!

I will also be travelling during break this year. It’ll be awesome! I’m going to spend a week camping out in Death Valley with a bunch of Stanford geologists and grad students. How freakin’ cool is that? Of course, that also means that I will have absolutely no access to internets during said trip. I know, I know… It’s going to be hard going cold-turkey like that, but sometimes we have to make these sacrifices. Once the shakes and the hallucinations have eased I’ll take lots of pictures of the trip and display them all in a blaze of glory upon my triumphant return to the world of cyber-space!

Wish me luck! I hear there are rattlesnakes and scorpions out there…


One Response to “Spring Break!!!!”

  1. Kay said

    Have fun, stay safe 🙂

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