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Once again, gay marriage is trying to ruin ALL of our lives…

Posted by Jeff on April 11, 2009

Just listening to this bigoted Gallagher so-called ‘person’ made me want to vomit. I’ve seen the particular add they are talking about and quite frankly I thought it was a joke! It was so ridiculous it seemed like satire. Something the Onion would do.  Well, here’s the Hardball interview that set me off on this:

And here’s the original commercial. Tell me what you would think of it if you didn’t already know it was serious…


3 Responses to “Once again, gay marriage is trying to ruin ALL of our lives…”

  1. Dayna said

    Maggie Gallagher, and other members of her freakdom, are balking because they are beginning to recognize how all of this is going down and know how they’re going to appear when all is said and done. THAT’S what she is afraid of. Gay marriage becoming the norm, and people looking back at her old bag self and seeing her for what she is; a frightened, insecure biggot on par with klansmen and other hate filled individuals of American history. None of her arguments hold water. Particularly her bullshit about how same-sex marriage will make marriages non-unique. How the eff does she figure? It’s still a permanent (haha) commitment between two people who love each other, right? Is there any other type of relationship comparable? Or am I missing something?

  2. Kay said

    These people make me sad/mad/tired.

    I keep telling myself that this is the death throes… that is my hope at least.

  3. […] by Jeff on May 19, 2009 The fine folks at NOM have released yet another commercial. I somewhat recently posted on NOM’s marketing attempts to spread bigotry and hate through television commercials, and it […]

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