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An update.

Posted by Jeff on September 3, 2009

But this update will make most rational-minded people want to tear their hair out. I came across this article written by none other than Ben Stein on the Pharyngula blog and had to share it. Look it over for an example of the kind of intellectually vapid bile that is so common to people like Stein.

Aside from the blatantly homophobic rhetoric (which I don’t even wish to dignify with comment), he also spouts some ethnically insensitive (borderline racist) nonsense regarding the confederate flag:

Second, let’s look at George Allen. Now, he’s a bad guy because he has a Confederate flag. Let’s get it straight. To millions of our fellow citizens, this flag has zero to do with racism. It is entirely about respect for a time of unbelievable horror in our society, The Civil War, and respect for men who fought so brilliantly for a cause that was unquestionably — by decent standards — a bad cause. Moreover, the stars and bars are a beautiful design and show nothing whatsoever about a person’s views about non-whites. No one has suggested that George Allen did anything racist or anti-black in his work in the Senate or as Governor. For him to be judged by what historical relics he owns is pure thought crime.

He talks about the confederate flag as a historical symbol. It’s not a symbol of racism, but a tribute to those who fought in the name of racism. It’s an historical relic which, according to Stein, is not associated with racism and should be respected. Does anyone else see a problem with this reasoning? An OBVIOUS problem, I’d say, considering that Ben Stein is Jewish… If you think about it, the exact same reasoning Stein uses to defend the confederate flag can be applied to the swastika. What a douchebag.

What is most funny to me, is that the entire premise of his article is to point out the hypocrisy of democrats. Let that little nugget sink in for a minute… Ben Stein pointing out hypocrisy!


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