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Open for criticism

Posted by Jeff on September 10, 2009

A while back I posted the first draft of a paper I was writing on scientific credibility. I had promised to also post the final draft when I was finished but then I forgot and went on with my life. Well, for anyone who is interested, here is the final draft that I turned in. I’d very much apprectiate any comments or criticism on my approach and/or writing style. I’d love to hear from anyone who has something to say, so read it after the fold and hold nothing back.

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Controversial Science: On the demarcation of scientific knowledge from scientific nonsense.

Posted by Jeff on February 3, 2009

I just stayed up all night writing this paper for my rhetoric class. It’s the first draft¬†and will certainly¬†be in need of revision so if any of you would care to read it and tell me what you think I would be most grateful. It’s after the fold…

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